ElderVisit provides simplified web-based video visitation for the patient and their family.   When ElderVisit is activated, it initiates contact with a Web-based video client at the customer’s residence.   The call can be activated from the nursing home or by the customer from their Web browser.   The calls are secure and reliable.  The calls are also time-window configurable, which will allow a nursing home customer to drop in and view/interact with their loved one during times previously agreed to between them.   Conversations may also be recorded for keepsake purposes.

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EnVision provides a real-time browser-based view into a resident's health record from the Health Record Information System of the nursing home.  EnVision is a highly secure and HIPAA compliant service.  The customer will be able to log onto the browser interface and view current information about their loved one such as vitals, medicines taken and other qualitative and quantitative data.